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Getting Your A/C for Summer

Nothing can be worse than getting into the heat of the summer and all of a sudden your A/C goes out. Now is the perfect time to make sure your air conditioning unit is working properly. Here are a few tips help get your A/C ready for the summer.

1 Is your thermostat outdated? Installing a newer, programmable thermostat can help save you money on your energy bills and help your A/C unit run more efficiently, extending its life.

2. Check any exposed ductwork. Wear on your ductwork can be a source of cooling loss creating inefficiency in the home and decreasing your A/C units useful life.

3. Make sure your vents are clear. Remove any items that could block airflow, such as drapes, furniture or toys.

4. Change your air filter. The air filter should be changed every one to three months, and definitely before the start of a new cooling or heating season.

5. Inspect the outdoor condenser unit. Make sure outdoor equipment is clear of leaves, vines or other debris that can block the interior components and affect performance. Also, you want to check for any missing panels. The panels are designed to enclose the electrical connections.

6. Visually check the refrigerant lines. These lines should be insulated. Proper insulation will improve the efficiency of the system. Repairs to the insulation or refrigerant lines should be done by a professional.

7. Get your A/C unit serviced. Call your local HVAC contractor and have your A/C unit serviced. This will extends your A/C unit’s life, and help prevent your system from failing during the hot months later on.

8. Is your system ready for retirement? Most A/C systems have a useful life of 10-15 years. If your system is older, now would be the time to upgrade to a newer system and not worry if your air conditioning unit will make it through the summer.

I hope these tips have helped you get ready for the summer. Bri-Ton is here to help with all of your A/C needs. Bri-Ton can service and repair most air conditioning systems. For a free quote, contact Bri-Ton at 304-864-1400.

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